We believe in a good business

Great things flow out of a good business – for its owners, employees, customers and wider community

Who wouldn’t want to have an efficient, profitable business where leadership empowers people to do their job well?

Good business does not happen by accident

It is a result of dedication and focused energy of everyone working together

The answer we often hear is “yes, but how?

“We’ve been on Fortix for ten years and never looked back!”

Mark Hudson
Director of Brand Connect
#1 Promotional Products Company in Australia

Our clients need help quickly. They don’t have the time and budget for big projects.

We’ve realised that back in 2004 when we started our business. We needed to find ways to deliver value quickly and efficiently.

This is where we started our relentless drive to build our own technology (now worth about US $30M). All our clients use it daily to create their competitive advantage.

And we wanted to do all that without the investors so

we always put people before profits

plus we’ve added a few more ingredients to the formula


We began in Perth, Western Australia where we work and live


Stable, diverse and results driven team is always ready to help


We aim to deliver all projects quickly for the benefit of the client


We invest with our clients and double their project budget


All new features and modules are always available to all clients

“Every day we get a good return on this investment. Improved efficiency, better communication, and a better overall view of the state of the business.”

Craig Mason
Director and Owner of Signarama Joondalup
#1 Sign Franchise in Australia


We invest with our clients to secure long-term rewarding relationships. Many of our clients are 10+ years with us.


Their “Fortix” feels like software built just for them so they don’t need to compromise what software can and can’t do.


Robust security with several layers of protection for your business data. Active system monitoring to expose any unauthorised use.

If you need help to digitise and automate your sales or operations, we have our team, know-how and business software ready to assist you.

Our clients are in manufacturing and distribution, insurance, professional services, member based organisations and many other industries.

Connect your business apps with Fortix

Fortix is already integrated with many applications.

Any business application with API can be integrated with Fortix systems.

Job management
Business apps
Cloud apps

Team spirit

Not just another digital product

We have dedicated Client Care and Client Success teams working together. Digital Manager is the extension of Fortix teams and connector to yours.

Quick and responsive day-to-day support by email or phone. Our friendly Client Care team is available when you need a helping hand.
Growing business is constantly evolving. Our job is to keep your systems evolving with your needs and empowering you to keep growing.

We’re driven by innovation

Powered by intelligent process automation

We will help you streamline your internal work processes using automation. Personalised workflows, internal notifications and automated processes will work tirelessly to your benefit and constantly add value to your clients.

Streamline your inefficient business processes with automation.
Increase productivity and utilise your resources to their full potential.

We believe that it is important to recognise excellence and business people who are always aiming to be the best.

That’s why we decided to give back to community and sponsor local business awards.

We believe that businesses contribute to self realisation and a happy society.

I type this with a smile on my face. as ever since winning the award we have all been walking around with a skip in our step. (We still have bragging rights for a bit longer. :-) )
It is companies such as Fortix® that make these opportunities possible as they too know the same shoes we walk in.
Everyone that runs a business, no matter the size, knows the challenges faced by executive management and/or business owners every day and sometimes it can be “lonely” at the top, so it is through inspirational leaders like Paul Faix, that provide others the opportunity to feel good about what they do through sponsoring awards such as this.
To Paul and his team at Fortix® – THANK YOU! and to all business owners out there, your not alone and back yourself to be a winner too!

Mike Dale
Chief Executive Officer at Dial A Doctor
Belmont Small Business Awards Winner 2021 – Fortix Business Management Award

Ready to Meet?

Solving your problems is challenging enough. Our goal is to help you make the right decision, whether we’re part of it or not.

If Fortix is a great fit for you, that will be obvious. If we’re not, we may well know someone who is. Either way, our responsibility to you is to make sure you leave the meeting confident about the decision you’re making.

Let’s find out from you, what the single most important thing might be, that you believe will create a better business for you.