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Equipping Fitness professionals nationwide

Australian Fitness Network was launched in 1987 to service the needs of those working in the fitness industry. Established by Greg Hurst and Dr Garry Egger as the 'Fitness Leader Network', in 1999 they became ‘Australian Fitness Network’, a name reflecting the expansion of the industry from consisting purely of fitness instructors, to encompassing all areas of fitness, from facility owners and managers, to gym instructors and personal trainers.

Today, Australian Fitness Network is proud of its mission statement to be the leading source of information, education and events in fitness. They strive to provide the fitness industry with innovative, inspiring and valuable membership benefits to help members remain motivated, focused and challenged in their fitness careers.

  • Business Automation Review

    To gain an insight of this growing business, Fortix sent a representative over to NSW to attain knowledge on the business processes used and to analyse the methodologies and tools used by employees. The information was then brought back to WA and comprehensive documentation was created for automation opportunities that would eliminate any redundant administrative tasks by the team.

  • Automated Worfklow System

    Implementation of the system was commenced and rapid deployment was employed by the Fortix team on site. The results were a quick transition of data across into a Freedom system along with the utilisation of automation tools to develop work flows in conjunction with the client. Now, a large part of the business processes have been automated to maximise value-adding work into AFN’s team time.

  • Additional Revenue Streams

    Using a combination of online stores, webforms, internal tasking systems and digital products, AFN’s staff concentrate on business development activities and work that involves enriching content for their membership packages. Now, the focus is on analysing additional revenue streams by leverage marketing and cross-selling efforts to existing and new clients.

  • Range of Market Offerings

    As a business that has a young team with a proactive attitude towards technology, AFN delivers a range of products and services to the industry. Not just a membership-based organisation, AFN works tirelessly to include value to its members through online education and certification, fitness products via its online store and fitness events and exhibitions. This dedicated team of professionals worked with various tools and technologies to expand its business, however, which made it difficult for management to perform analysis of business growth. Reporting from various databases meant reconciliation of values were lost in translation.

  • Decentralised CRM

    In addition to this, AFN remains very innovative, taking their services interstate and expanding their database across to neighbouring countries as well. They needed a central database that could manage their range of services plus their membership clients in one location for ease of user analysis. Due to their range of services, it was difficult to cross-sell as they were required to pull out data from various CRMs each and every time in order to review customer loyalty and behaviour patterns.

  • Leverage Technologies

    One of the key success factors for AFN is that it employs staff that are motivated and passionate about the fitness industry. They wanted to harness this enthusiasm by allowing their staff to work on more value-adding tasks as opposed to administrative redundant work. Management understood that it needed a strong technological partner to work with who would share the same passion. Having worked with Fortix, AFN understood their capabilities and dedication to achievement, and therefore contacted Paul Faix to arrange the transformation.

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