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Mineler is first and foremost designed to be a social marketplace where mining people enjoy connecting with others, sharing ideas and exploring mine sites around the globe. Mineler gives people the ability to do a handful of things easily, which combined create a powerful social marketplace.

Those in the industry can connect with other mining people, see their work history and interact with them. By giving skilled mining people the opportunity to connect directly with mining companies, Mineler hope to facilitate a more flexible workforce, and a shift in culture throughout the mining industry.

  • Social Marketplace

    Bringing Mineler’s vision into a reality, Fortix delivered a web app and an iOS mobile app, featuring the social marketplace for the mining industry. With interactive maps that help users navigate through different project locations, Fortix provided a platform that Mineler can push their communication and marketing through, to convert users to submit mining-related information onto the different mines.

  • Strategic Partnership

    To ensure that delivery could be made on time for international releases, Fortix partnered with Mineler and provided strategy consulting and technical advice. By working closely with Mineler management, Fortix was able to fully understand their needs and transforming them into specifications, designs and tests prior to development. These were critical steps to ensuring project delivery which was completed on time and on budget.

  • Mining Configured Systems

    In addition to the social marketplace, Fortix has also prepared pre-configured business systems, ready for Mineler’s deployment into their clients’ environments as part of the subscription mechanism. With the assistance of configuration tools available in our systems, Mineler was able to adhere to effective training schedules with their clients.

  • Innovative Concept

    Mineler’s vision of being the world’s first digital mining marketplace is a concept which can only be met by innovations in technology and intimate knowledge of the mining industry. Mineler needed a strong strategic digital partner that could deliver the complexities of its business, and have proven success in the past. Essential to the Mineler concept was the availability and support from a powerful business system as an engine to drive social and corporate interactions globally.

  • Global Market Readiness

    The success of Mineler is focused on being able to deliver to market a unique and user-friendly way of displaying work experience through the use of maps. This will be needed across all front-ends of Mineler, which will also be used to gather data for enterprise business systems at a later stage. The establishment of Mineler’s technical environment is a large undertaking which requires the commitment of a dedicated development and knowledgeable deployment team.

  • Research and Development

    Being a leader in the market, Mineler needed to ensure that its strategic push would be aided by ensuring released features and applications are available for market. With this in mind, Mineler needed a partner that would drive design, research and development and perform beta testing on relevant users.

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