Mining Plus

Innovative & Practical Mining Consultants

Mining Plus is a fully integrated global mining consultancy. Their capabilities are mining engineering, geoscience, environmental and health, safety & risk services. They offer practical and innovative solutions across the full value chain of international exploration and mining projects. They have a proven track record of delivering solutions for a variety of projects.

Mining Plus has grown to become a significant industry player led by an experienced leadership team since its establishment in 2006. Mining Plus services exploration and mining customers on a local, national and international scale.

  • System Deployment

    Fortix allocated a dedicated onsite team to deploy a business system into Mining Plus. By working closely with the client’s management team, Fortix was able to analyse, design and engineer solutions into the business system for the daily operational challenges experienced by staff.

  • Training Sessions

    Planned training sessions were completed with various segments of the business, including interstate and international employees. Catering to the different levels of needs, ranging from administrative, management and operational requirements, Fortix developed manuals to assist in the transition phase.

  • Rapid Development

    To fulfill Mining Plus’ vision of digitally transforming its business to gain a competitive advantage in the industry, our dedicated team utilised an iterative approach to develop and deploy new features and functions for user acceptance. The outcome was a successful three month transitional period, delivering transparency and reporting capabilities across its 367 mining projects.

As our business grew we came to the point where we weren’t able to efficiently collate our time sheets anymore – we had 6 offices and about 75 staff. We were using Excel time sheets and the like, and it was taking 2 or 3 people a few weeks to collate all of the monthly time sheets for the whole business. This is when we started to look at how we could improve our system. We felt that Fortix understood our position very well and once we began to orientate ourselves with the system, the application of it flowed to our CRM, documentation processes and beyond.

Fortix did a comprehensive review of the process side of our business in order to find the gaps in our operations and increase efficiency. Some of the major things the platform allowed us to do was reinvent our IT structure (we went to Google) and to stop using ineffective time sheets.

The system immediately gave transparency and clarity to our business by allowing easy access to all areas. Having this internal visibility means that we can make real time decisions. It also enables our teams to collaborate in a way that wasn’t possible before – we operate internationally and we want all of our employees to function as one team. This system enables people to communicate, connect, and access workflow notifications very easily. We implemented the system at a time of growth, which was a major benefit.

The strength of our relationship comes from the fact that we consider Fortix to have a very similar culture to our own business. They have high expectations and operate in a straightforward, simple, honest way. This is, and continues to be, very important to us.

Ben Auld

  • Rapid expansion

    Mining Plus was in a major growth stage, with offices and operations being established in various locations throughout the world. Administration resources and management requirements on the existing infrastructure were stretching it to its limits.

  • International Operations

    The international presence of Mining Plus meant different languages, timezones, and cultures were ongoing considerations. Collation of information became increasingly lengthy and time consuming. Monthly deadlines for client reporting grew difficult to attain whilst processing was heavily reliant on the intrinsic knowledge of a small number of staff.

  • Transparency

    The performance of the company, its projects and its staff needed to be measured and quantified in a timely manner for effective management decision making processes. The risk with lengthy data collection was that by the time trends were analysed, minimal proactive actions could be implemented.

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