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The heart is a vital organ that pumps blood throughout the entire body, supplying the oxygen and nutrients needed for survival. With a strong, healthy heart, you can expect an abundant, fulfilling life.

At the heart of any organisation are its people, its processes and its systems. Here at Fortix, we specialise in modern business systems, which are innovative and incorporate modern technology. We help you to visualise the current state of your business and in doing so increase the power of your ‘heartbeat’.

The heart of Fortix’s business system is created by the combination of technology, business rules and people - and the creation of balance between these three elements. None of these elements can thrive in isolation and when one is lacking, the whole business is affected.

With our vast knowledge and experience, we pump new life into every part of your business, enabling all vital areas to function at optimal capacity. Our systems help you to manage your customer relationships, leads and sales, communication and workflow, all with one integrated system.

Our competitive advantage comes from the fact that we have created a unique business systems framework that guides us for each project. This means we have a range of solutions available to meet your needs and the flexibility to partner with you in a way that is both suitable and affordable for your business. Over the past decade we have successfully deployed numerous systems, each one carefully customized to the needs of the client.

We implement an adaptable, growing, life-giving system that will continually sustain and nourish your business. It will also filter out any blockages within the workflow of your business. Our tailored solutions produce transformational change, enabling our clients to keep their finger on the pulse of business operations, providing space for innovation and growth.

We provide far more than technology; we fuse your growth strategy with your business operations. Together, we can nurture your business so that it is able to grow - vibrant growth is the natural result of a healthy system!

The health of your business system is our number one concern. We never miss a beat!

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