Volleyball WA

Home of volleyball in WA

Volleyball WA is the home of volleyball in Western Australia. They are a not for profit organisation devoted to fostering the sport of volleyball in WA. They head up many competitive, development, and social programs. Whether it is indoor volleyball in the winter or beach volleyball in the summer, Volleyball WA (VWA) is running something for everyone all year round. They also offer training or development options for many in the community.

Volleyball WA envision that the sport of volleyball will have a higher profile in WA, become an attractive option, and experience increasing participation levels. They intend to achieve this through providing well-structured development pathway participation options for all; establishing and maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders; maintaining financial stability; cohesive interaction between all disciplines; a dynamic and effective communications network; and receiving direction given by qualified and motivated board members and staff.

Volleyball WA intends to be recognised as the primary provider of quality volleyball products and services for its members and potential members in WA. It aims to be acknowledged as a leading sporting organisation in terms of administration, development, participation, performance and profile.

  • Project Commencement

    Fortix is currently starting on a technology project with Volleyball WA to transfer their business data into one central system. With a phased project plan, Fortix will be enabling CRM into their environment and will transfer all available data into the appropriate system modules prior to progressing to the next phase.

  • Community Stakeholders

    As part of national Volleyball Australia, and as the industry body for Western Australia, Volleyball WA’s performance needed to reflect this appropriately. There were also expectations from players and clubs as to which functions Volleyball WA would exercise within the community, which depends largely on how it will be able to handle and communicate all types of information.

  • Developing Processes and Procedures

    Volleyball WA’s board of directors have identified the need to include within their growth strategy a digital partner that can provide long term advice and assistance to their growing establishment. This focus has led to the appointment of several new management team members who have had extensive experience in laying out efficient processes and procedures within a sports environment. The immediate focus for them is change management within the business alongside incrementally transforming existing processes for the optimal output.

  • Antiquated Software

    Regulations and legal requirements of the industry require Volleyball WA to manage and have access to up-to-date information on current clubs, players, members, parents, schools, affiliations, referees and many others. It was identified that the existing CRM software was not sufficient to handle this requirement on top of the future changes that are expected. They needed a scalable and robust system that could integrate with data from other databases when and as necessary based on their strategic plan.

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