Why are business leaders relying on Fortix?

Because it empowers them to manage their business end to end – from Lead to Payment

All under control

Fortix has the know howsoftware and team to help you overcome the most difficult hurdle in business growth – establishment of  effective business management

“Accurate data in one spot, management of staff, rosters, cutting out so much double and triple handling, digital quotes and sign up sheets whilst heavily reducing data entry has all been implemented. Having everything online and fast-tracked has been great.”

Jason Skodt
Director of Perth Solar Force
#1 Solar Installation Company in WA

Industry Sectors

We can handle all of your business systems requirements

The strength of Fortix is in its ability to service various business sectors. Each sector is unique and has ability to enhance Fortix platform in different ways.

We have engineered our platform so you use any enhancement at the time when is needed the most.


Personalised business system for IT firms, marketing, designers, software developers, engineers, lawyers, architects, accountants, surveyors & others.


Fortix Insurance business systems automating sales process, client servicing, policy renewals, automated billing and workflow.


Fortix Manufacturing business systems are personalised for custom manufacturing optimising costs and scheduling of work.


Fortix Distribution Business Systems help to manage quoting, customer relations and stock products management.

Small Business

Fortix Business Management System helps growing companies to retain profitability through their growth phase by creating efficiencies and process flow.

Health & Fitness

Fortix Business Systems for Health and Fitness enable managing access to the gyms, clubs, sporting organisations to automate billing, marketing and seamless onboarding.


Fortix Business Systems for Entertainment enable collection of artists information and streamline sales and booking processes.

Mining Servicing

Fortix Business System for Mining Servicing companies enable management of assets, people compliances, projects and jobs costings, time tracking and billing.

Not for Profit & Community

Fortix personalised systems for NFP help manage client engagement, memberships, reporting and people and tasks to get he work done.

As a busy and progressive Insurance Broking business we were looking for a CRM solution to ‘fit’ with our broking system. Fortix has provided a CRM which is not only very user-friendly and easily customisable, but has seamlessly integrated with our Broking System.  The implementation of Fortix has streamlined both our internal and external communication and document management, allowing us more time to focus on our clients. Fortix continues to work with us on ways to enhance our user experience and ensure that we are making the most of all the powerful tools available to us.

Daniel Webber
Webber Insurance Services
#1 Insurance Business Elite Broker 2021


Fully integrated all business functions enable seamless information flow between sales, operations, administration and finance.


Almost unlimited combination of settings enabling fast personalisation without need for software development.


Robust security with several layers of protection for your business data. Active system monitoring to expose any unauthorised use.

Fortix Freedom Business Platform is designed to deliver Digital Manager services 24/7.

The system is keeping the flow of your business data and provides reporting for business critical operations.

Automation and reports are compiled while you sleep so your team get fresh insights every morning.

We’ve invested over a decade of work and millions of dollars to build our platform. We’ve done it so you don’t have to.

The Fortix Software Empowering Your Business


Capture valuable leads and act on them by storing critical customer data in one place


Gain control over your sales pipeline and start closing more deals in less time


Use contract details to automatically set up workflow based on your requirements


Create custom data visualisations to optimise manufacturing and distribution


Secure your revenue with automated billing, invoice creation and payment updates

As a Digital Manager I’m responsible for a full Fortix software customisation

Connecting your people and ideas with your software – always with you, always ready

The Fortix Apps – essential business tools at the palm of your hand

Connect with your business from your mobile device and send all important information directly to Fortix.

Fortix provides selection of pre-build Apps we can activate for your business.

All the Fortix Apps are available live on Windows, Google Play and the Apple store.


Available to capture data, images and location. Works if you are offline and sends data as soon as device becomes connected.


View your business critical data on the go. Seamless integration with Fortix Platform provides you with real time information for best decision making.


Pre Build Fortix Apps provide you with diversity to manage your business. Apps include – Digital Manager, Meeting Minutes, My Ides, Time Recording, Delivery Dockets, Travel Expenses, New Lead capture and many others.


Fortix Apps can be customised to specifically meet your data capture requirements. Business logic can be designed to further personalise to match your needs.

Connect your business apps with Fortix

Fortix is already integrated with many applications.

Any business application with API can be integrated with Fortix systems.

Job management
Business apps
Cloud apps

I bring team spirit

Not just another digital product

I have dedicated Client Care and Client Success teams working with me. Without them I would not be able to fulfil my role as a Digital Manager. I’m the extension of my teams and connector to yours.

Quick and responsive day-to-day support by email or phone. Our friendly Client Care team is available when you need a helping hand.
Growing business is constantly evolving. My role is to keep your systems evolving with your needs empowering you to keep growing.

I am driven by innovation

I am powered by intelligent process automation

I can help you streamline your internal work processes using automation. Personalised workflows, internal notifications and automated processes will work tirelessly to your benefit and constantly adding value to your clients.

Streamline your inefficient business processes with automation.
Increase productivity and utilise your resources to their full potential.

“Paul and the team at Fortix have been amazing at giving us exactly what our business wants – they really work with you to ensure you know what you are getting, they are super friendly and helpful. A great system for our business, it has changed everything for us since we started using them many years ago. Highly recommend!!!”

Ben Maher
BBC Entertainment
Perth’s Leading licensed entertainment bureau

Ready to Meet?

Solving your problems is challenging enough. Our goal is to help you make the right decision, whether we’re part of it or not.

If Fortix is a great fit for you, that will be obvious. If we’re not, we may well know someone who is. Either way, our responsibility to you is to make sure you leave the meeting confident about the decision you’re making.

Let’s find out from you, what the single most important thing might be, that you believe will create a better business for you.